Your Health is Our Craft

Hi, I'm Dr. Krystalyn Lowery

and I believe you have the ability to become the healthiest version of you, yet!

What’s more, not only do I believe you’re capable…I believe you deserve to experience that version of you.

Living your life to the fullest, in a radically healthy and happy way is how we’re meant to experience this wild ride that is life. But I regularly hear just the opposite when I sit down in new patient consults. Enough of that crap. Enough of the status quo being women who are silently (or not so silently) struggling through their reproductive years with hormone imbalances, crippling fatigue and never feeling good in their own skin. Enough of us settling for that as our day to day, our “normal.” All these symptoms may be common, but that definitely doesn’t mean they’re normal (or healthy). Let’s redefine what health looks like, for each of us.

Some people want to know a bit more about their doctor and their care team. We feel that. We want you to feel respected and in sync with your team and your care in our office (or virtual consults) - this is your movie, never forget that you are the star of this show! 

If you’ve been a patient of Dr. K’s (or even just into our office) in the last decade, you know that Dr. Krystalyn Lowery is pretty much an open book. An amiable expressive personality type, enneagram 3, an Aquarius (for what that’s worth to you, reader). Whether she’s hiking in the mountains with our sometimes therapy dog, Charlie, reading research on vitamins with a cup of Sweet Bloom coffee at sunrise (after some protein of course), or marrying her chiropractor husband, Dr. H, on a snowboard at Breckenridge mountain…she’s a pretty outgoing person. You may not even believe she knows the word quiet… but when it comes to your healthcare, she’s all ears, and all about you.

Dr. Lowery started her journey to becoming a functional medicine practitioner at the University of Minnesota way back in 2018; and in her words, the path to specializing in women’s wellness and reproductive endocrinology really “found her.” She studied Spanish Linguistics and Genetics in undergrad, working in a pediatric cancer research clinic within the MICaB (Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology) program at “The U.” It was here that her path shifted. After seeing families devastated by doctors reporting that their unborn child would probably never see their third birthday due to a genetic variant still undergoing research, she was determined to help discover a treatment, a cure, something, anything for these families. After years of research and hard work, not only did they not have a cure (or really any clues towards therapy or treatment), but most of those children had been birthed by mothers who had now laid those same children to rest. Everyone was focused on a cure, but no one was asking why.

Here was the pivot. Digging into the work & research done by other labs, other programs and organizations, Dr. Lowery (then just Krystalyn) found that in the western, allopathic world at large, no one had an answer for WHY these cancers were occurring in-utero, WHAT was causing them, or any research on HOW to prevent these devastating events. The vast majority of funding went towards discovering cures or treatments, very little towards prevention. While we may not be out to cure in-utero cancer at Navigate Wellness, Dr. Lowery has made it her mission to educate and empower women to make their best healthcare decisions, for themselves and their loved ones. Decisions made from a place of hope and not fear; from understanding and research, not tradition or dogmatism. You deserve the opportunity to take in all the best evidence this amazingly connected world has to offer, to hold space to consider your own goals and preferences, and act accordingly from a place of self love and respect. Navigate Wellness was founded by Dr. Krystalyn Lowery to support you in doing just that. Please reach out if we can assist you in any way on your journey. Love + light.

We are women, for women, by women. This team gets it;and we will go to the ends of the earth to help you heal.