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Preconception & TTC

Fertility Care

Preconception and fertility care is a something we are passionate about providing in a concierge & bio-individual way.

When you're looking for a functional medicine provider to support your health in pregnancy, we understand that is a sacred decision.


Pregnancy Care


Postnatal Care for Healing

We passionately believe that the standard of postpartum care in the US in insufficient and we are out to

Well woman services to suppor your best health outside of perinatal care.


Well Woman Care for All Seasons of Your Life

Hi, I'm Dr. Krystalyn Lowery,

and I believe you have the ability to become the healthiest version of you, yet! What’s more, not only do I believe you’re capable…I believe you deserve to experience that version of you.

Living your life to the fullest, in a radically healthy and happy way is how we’re meant to experience this wild ride that is life. But I regularly hear just the opposite when I sit down in new patient consults. Enough of that crap. Enough of the status quo being women who are silently (or not so silently) struggling through their reproductive years with hormone imbalances, crippling fatigue and never feeling good in their own skin. Enough of us settling for that as our day to day, our “normal.” All these symptoms may be common, but that definitely doesn’t mean they’re normal (or healthy). Let’s redefine what health looks like, for each of us.

Thank you for your patience!

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